Chef's Seasons - Winter.
More quality recipes by Michelin-star chef Pekka Terävä.

During his long career, Pekka Terävä has cooked and managed the best restaurants in Finland, cooked on domestic and international stages, published books and hosted TV shows. His restaurant OLO in Helsinki received its first Michelin Star in March 2011.

                               Photos by Jukka Pekka Laakio

These recipes represent the modern Nordic cuisine, where traditional raw materials of the North are well-respected.

Our selection follows the yearly cycle of the Nordic nature, bringing to the table only what is at best at a given time.

This is the second set of recipes for all the four seasons.

The following recipes are included in this collection:

Apple trilogy

Arctic char and basil sauce

Beef tournedos and red wine sauce

Burbot soup and pumpernickel toast

Chocolate cake Palacenranta

Duck and Calvados -sauce

Duck breast and raisin sauce

Goose confit and port sauce

Lobster and sweetbread in a brik roll

Monkfish and chili

Oxtail stuffed with foie gras

Oyster and truffle soup with sesame seed chips

Pineapple wafer

Rabbit leg

Scallop cannelloni

Scampi with tomato and fresh sausage concassé

Smoked eel terrine

Venison filet and sherry sauce

Winter fruit terrine

The recipes were originally published in Finnish book "Keittiömestarin vuodenajat".
Some of these recipes may not be the easiest ones to make, but for sure are they inspiring.
Feel free to substitute ingredients if you cannot get your hands on some of them. Use ready-made stocks and demi-glace if you cannot find the time to prepare them yourself.
Also, note that these recipes are written in English.

Bon Appétit!






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